The Nursery is a professionally designed and purposely redeveloped two-storey detached property, which has been developed in consultation with many professionals for the sole purpose of providing the best environment for your child.


 The Nursery is divided up according to age groups; the babies up to 2 1/2 years of age are looked after in 3 large, very bright well equipped rooms.


The over 2 1/2 have four themed rooms to develop and grow which include the Sensory room, craft room, play room and pre-school room.


Our large secure rear garden is our pride and joy, this is fully equipped with slides, seesaws, swings, playhouses, cars, bikes, sand and water pits etc...


In line with the foundation phase, we also have an outside classroom where the children can enjoy being in the fresh air all year through.


Great Premises, inside and out guarantees that the wonderful sound of children's laughter is always heard ar Pitter Patter.